|2017| Escape Room Project

|2018| Photopsia Demo Work

In late 2017, I got to work on a group project where we had to design an educative Escape Room that:
– Had to take 1 hour to solve.
– Had interchangeable narratives and an environment that was easily changed to target two different audiences (kids and teens).
– Had to keep a group of at least 30 students occupied at all times.

I did a lot of work for it so I’d figure I’d share everything I made except for the final animation because that’s not 100% made by just me(audio and voice-over aren’t mine, neither is the music I used to get a bpm to animate stuff to) and I don’t think it turned out great but I’m a perfectionist so I’m never completely satisfied with my work, haha.
I made the logo, character design thumbnails, some animations, concepts, a storyboard and a character sheet. I ended up mostly working on the escape room for kids, one we made a missing cat story for. I also made some art assets for a puzzle but I’m not sure it’s appropriate to share them because it’s used in a puzzle with assets from others as well. Overall I think the project was one of the most fun ones we had at uni.

|2013-2017| School Work