|2018| Photopsia Demo Work

|2018| Fanart Collection

For my Graduation Project I made the first part of my whimsical horror visual novel story, Photopsia: The Girl who Saw Stars.

You can find it over here on itch.io; https://loutanina.itch.io/photopsia

Currently, only the demo containing Day 1 and Night 1 is up, but I was planning to continue working on the game. When I launched my biggest update the lack of reception ended up being quite demotivating and so it was on hiatus for a long time. But hey, there’s still about 1 hour of content in this visual novel, so if you’re interested try it out!

Since the story is a bit of a slow burn, it develops slowly, the people who know where the plot is going are excited but I’d like to avoid spoiling the whole story for my upcoming rework of the format. I’ll try to make it more of an adventure game/visual novel hybrid.

The full version would consist of 3 Days and 2 Nights.

|2017| Escape Room Project