My name is Masha Loutanina, I’m a 2D generalist artist located in Sweden, and I’ll be studying Project Management for Games & IT until the end of 2023.
I love games, cats, murder mysteries, folklore and Asian languages and cultures.

I’m a game artist, graphic designer, UX designer and narrative writer. My main focus is on games, apps and any other form of interactive media.
I’m currently looking for a Project Management internship in Games but also open to taking freelance part-time work of the following kind;

  • Graphic Design for Games or Apps
  • UX Design for Games or Apps
  • Stylized Illustrations
  • Stylized Twitch Graphics (Emotes, Overlays, etc.)
  • Narrative Writing

For a better insight into the kind of art I make, feel free to check out my Gallery.
As for bigger projects, check out Projects for an overview of past projects I’ve worked on, as well as for projects currently in development.

If you have any inquiries, for example a better look at my UX/Narrative work or my CV, feel free to get in touch. If you would like to have something designed, please contact me through mail or social media! In addition, my own game’s demo Photopsia is on, so feel free to check it out if you’re interested!