|2016| Attuned: A Skyterra Adventure – Creature Design Work

|2016-2017| Fanart Collection

Attuned, is a charming short game which, as the name implies, has a bit of a musical theme. It’s about a hero who, with the help of his music-loving sidekick rejuvinates a place that has been unfortunately compromised by a sleeping giant.
The game takes place in a world with robot/plant symbiotes. They weren’t supposed to be typical robots, but more like mechanical parts that had been animated by plants.

The game was a group project at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht.
I did a lot of creature design work for this project, mainly for the sidekick, made our team’s logo and did some GUI animations as well. It was a lot of fun as the creatures were very unconventional, and I enjoy making unconventional things.